Don’t Send An Email About “Website Update Coming Soon”

Let me know if this sounds familiar— you’re toiling away in the email marketing department trying to increase your subscribers’ engagement when all of a sudden a VP from another department swoops in with a sickly sweet smile.

“What’s up, VP?” you say, slouching a little further in your chair, knowing what’s coming next.

“Oh, great news! I just met with your boss and we’ve agreed to do an email to the entire database to let people know that we’re going to have a new website soon,” says the VP, glossing over the fact that she had to claw tooth and nail for hours to squeeze this promise out of your exhausted boss.

Right. So your company is going to launch a new website in a month, or two months, or maybe next week. And for some godforsaken reason—actually, no, it’s just myopia—the executives think that your subscribers give a shit about a new website design. Here’s a tip: NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR WEBSITE REDESIGN. The worst part is when you give them a heads up that it’s coming. There’s no actual call to action. You’ve just fluffed their inbox for no reason, expecting them to care about something happening in the distant future that they are guaranteed not to care about even if it were live right now.

And yet. I see so many of these emails. Here’s one a friend forwarded me, knowing I would blow my top. The worst is the nagging fear they leave me with that I must watch my inbox for more updates. Noooooooo!