The worst unsubscribe process in the world?

Lately we’ve been noticing a rash of unsubscribe confirmation emails, those horrendous creatures that are so easily sent from MailChimp if you’re not careful. It’s an option that is marketed as being helpful when someone accidentally unsubscribes, which is probably 0.00001% of use cases.

Do NOT under any circumstances check this option in MailChimp.

While this is annoying, it’s not the end of the world. The worst unsubscribe experience I’ve seen in a long time came my way this morning. I wanted to unsubscribe from a list that offers nothing of value, so I searched for the unsub option. See if you can find it.

It’s buried at the end. So what happens when you click on the link? You get taken to this page.

No, they don’t even pre-populate your email address for you. So you’ve got to go back and figure out which email you signed up with (in my case, I always add something after a plus+ sign to my gmail address).

Then, you see this page:

Still with me? I’m exhausted. I click unsubscribe. I hope and pray that I’m done with this nightmare. But wait, what’s this that arrives in my inbox?

Oh hell no. Am I reading this correctly? I have to either reply to this message “keeping the Subject: header intact” or click on one more link. Ok, I’m game. At this point, I’m nearly delirious with rage. But we’re not yet done. One finally click is required:

Please do not do this to the subscribers on your list. One-click unsubscribes without an email confirming the unsubscription is the way to go.