Resist the temptation to send these types of emails

Not a day goes by without some type of “new website… coming soon!” email hitting my inbox. Let me reiterate—no one cares what’s coming soon. Is it here? Can I take advantage of it? Then it’s somewhat more acceptable to send an email about your website/product update, although still not a great idea. I don’t care how enthusiastic your internal team is about your new updates, for your subscribers’ sakes, resist the pressure to send an email about this.

Here’s one from iContact. At first glance, it seems ok because “See What’s New” implies that the features are live.

But no, dear reader… they send you to this page wherein we are instructed to bookmark the page for future updates. It seems these are simply features that are coming soon, with no clear date. Gotcha! I had to take a few moments to recover my breath from laughing so hard at the idea someone would bookmark this page.

But bonus terribleness – they continue to send these teaser emails, every day. Another one showed up a day after the one I was railing about.

Don’t do this. The only people clicking on this are (me and) all your angry customers that you’re teasing them with information they can’t act on.